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Commodity Trading

Besides actionable claims, securities and money, Commodities Trading tends to involve trading in almost every movable property type. It includes select agricultural commodities like oilseeds, oils, spices, pulses and grains as well as various types of metals, including silver and gold. Usually, it involves commodities futures contracts. This market trades with primary economic sector and not on manufactured products. Agricultural products are soft commodities and mined items are hard commodities.

RS Wealth Management Pvt Ltd provides MCX services to clients with various options to diversify wealth management portfolios at best market prices and with low investments. It is through commodity exchanges that commodity trade with regards to options and futures take place. We also offer services through MCX and are capable enough to cater to the specific needs of our clients.

Why Should You trade in Commodities?

Prices of commodities are less affected due to factors that influence the stock markets. Therefore, they are known to provide investors with excellent portfolio diversification. Besides predictability and diversification, the investor can also benefit from market offered liquidity and leverage. Following are the benefits offered by commodities’ trading:

How to invest in the Commodities Market?

You can enter the Commodities market through different ways. You can take own decision, termed as self-directed, identify an automated system where trades are carried out on your behalf, work with licensed brokers or hire a money manager to manage your account personally. But trading with us is much simpler. Just open an account with us and start trading in any of the below 3 ways:

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