Depository services offered by RS Wealth  provide safe & convenient way to hold securities in electronic form with Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL).

Our Offerings

  • De-materialization, transfer & Pledging of shares and commodities.
  • Easiest: Easiest are secured internet based facilities provided to our clients through CDSL. Using these facilities account holders can submit delivery instructions electronically thereby eliminating the hassle of preparing and submitting physical instruction in paper form. They can also view transactions and holdings of their Demat account on the internet on a real time basis.
  • SMS Alert: We provide SMS Alert facility through CDSL for demat account holders whereby a client can receive alerts on his mobile for all debits (transfers), IPO credits, failed and overdue instructions, credit/debit of Mutual Funds units. Any change in the client master details are also intimated over SMS.
  • Dematerialization, Rematerialisation and Settlement of Warehouse Receipts facility for all commodity exchanges

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