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E-Stamping Reg Stamp Paper Vendor

E-Stamping was introduced by Stamps & Registrations Dept. It is an online application used for paying stamp duties to the government in a secured manner. The whole idea behind e-stamping is to have tamper-proof process to generate secure stamp papers.

RS Wealth Management Pvt Ltd is an authorized vendor of Stock Holding Corpn. Of India Ltd. to issue E-stamps to the value of Rs.500/-. With their services, the otherwise time consuming and laborious task of visiting the Stock Holding Corporation office and filling up the long form and waiting in the queue for hours can now be done away with. We provide MNCs’ with the opportunity to avail E-Stamping & Franking services.

Why should you invest in E-Stamping?

Following are the reasons cited to invest in E-Stamping:

Time Saving



Unique ID Number

Verification possible

No Money required

How to Apply for E-Stamping?

To get E-Stamping papers, you have to email RS Wealth Management Pvt Ltd with all the essential details. Once done, the company will process it and have the generated e-stamp paper delivered right at your office. In case of Franking papers, the company representatives will pick up the documents, have it franked and deliver at the office. The SLA (Turn Around Time) for the whole procedure is about 24 to 72 hours.

You can start enquire for E-Stamping with us in the following way:

We provide all our clients with excellent and prompt services. You can benefit from our research and talented managers.

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