Invest in the equity market now and get higher returns on your investments!!


RS Wealth Management Pvt Ltd provides quality equity services Membership NSE/BSE, with functions beyond mere executions of selling and buying. Our main motive is to offer right trading solutions and long-term value to our clients by simplifying investing processes.

It stands to represent ownership in an organization acquired through capital contribution, necessary for running or setting up a business. It is through issuance of shares to a group of individual people or the public that capital gets raised where a proportion of stake on company profits and assets is represented by every share. The shares are purchased through an offer from the company either directly or traded (purchase & sale) on stock exchanges.

Why Should You Invest In Equity?

Although equity investment is prone to facing risks, yet investors are sure to enjoy high returns on their hard earned money during the long run. It also helps invidious to create wealth and develops the country’s capital. Following are the benefits offered to investors:

How to invest in Equity?

Equity investment can be made for long term or you can carry out daily trade to make profits resulting from market fluctuations. What you require to start is a valid demat account with Trading and Depository account with recognized broker like RS Wealth Management Pvt Ltd . Trading is now simpler with us. Here, you can derive both the services like that of a well-established broker and a depository participant. Given below are the ways, how you can start investing in equity.

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