Mutual Funds

With Mutual Fund Investments, you can retire a happy and wealthy person!!

Mutual Funds

RS Wealth Management Pvt Ltd (AMFI Registered Mutual Fund Distributor) provides all its clients with variety of investment options helping them to manage and diverse their portfolio. Our Mutual Fund experts are specialized in the domain and can help our clients to accumulate wealth over a period of time, through wise investing options in diverse portfolios. We can cater to our client’s specific requirements and also charge very less on our services.

Mutual fund is all about collecting money from potential investors. Then this money is invested on their behalf in an instrument portfolio. A small fee is charged to manage the money invested. It is considered to be an ideal form of investment vehicle especially for those investors who are not aware about investing in stocks. Investors are free to select mutual fund schemes depending upon their financial goals and objectives and invest to achieve this goal. The mutual fund might invest in debt or equities instruments only, or combination of the two, termed as balanced funds.

Why Should You Invest in Mutual Funds?

Mutual funds, undoubtedly, are the best bet for those not interested in entering the highly volatile stock market and not eager to place all their eggs in the same basket. Besides diversification, it provides the benefits of low costs and professional fund management. Following are the benefits derived from mutual fund investment:

Tax benefits


Professional management

Portfolio diversification

How to invest in Mutual Funds?

You can invest in mutual funds through an agent or mutual fund distributor. Units are traded over exchanges and sold and purchased therefrom. RS Wealth Management Pvt Ltd offers plethora of services and acts as an agent distributor for mutual funds and offers broking services to trade in the market.

We provide top quality and reliable mutual fund services. Investors eager to purchase mutual fund units are offered well-established and recognized broking service. You can start investing in mutual funds through our proprietary investment software.

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