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2+0+1+9 = ₹ 12
  • ₹12 per executed order
  • In Equity (NSE/BSE), Equity Derivatives (NSE/BSE),Currrency Derivatives (BSE), Commodity Derivatives (MCX)
  • Single Margin for Commodity, Equity, & Currency

Explanations of Terms and Condition:

Mandatory & Statutory Charges:
1. STT/CTT, Sebi Fees, Transaction Charges, Stamp Duty & GST : Please refer Link :- List of Charges.

Non Mandatory Charges:
1. Physical Contract Note and Offline Statement Charges: If Clients opts to receive physical contract notes and offline statements, charges @ ₹50 + courier charges+ 18% GST will be charged.
2. Share Movements Charges: Inter-settlement / Beneficiary/ Depositary to Pool will be charged @ ₹ 20 per scrip on sell side+ GST.
3. Call & trade charges: Additional Call & Trade Charges of ₹ 20* per Executed order+ GST will be charged if trade executed using call & Trade Facility. (also applicable for positions squared off by RMS team and on expired, exercised and assigned futures & Options contracts).
4. Transaction SMS alert charges: @ ₹ 0.50 paisa per SMS + GST.


• In case of Discontinuation of Per Executed order Plan then brokerage will be charged as per Traditional Plan .
• Brokerage will not exceed the rates specified by SEBI and the exchanges.
• Investments In Security Market are subject to market risks. Please read the offer document carefully before investing.
• Non Mandatory Charges subject to change on sole discretion of RS Wealth Management Pvt. Ltd.

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